Defend Your Home With Composite Shingles

Defend Your Home With Composite Shingles

Reach out to us for composite roofing services in Gilmer and Longview, TX

Are you searching for an alternative roofing material that offers superior protection and peace of mind for your home? Fight back against the elements with a composite roofing installation. The experts at Langford Roofing offer professional services with composite shingles in Gilmer and Longview, TX.

Our family owned and operated company strives to deliver composite roofing services at the highest standards in the industry. Call 903-790-1964 today to ask about our affordable pricing on composite shingles in Longview and Gilmer, TX.

How can composite roofing boost your home's defenses?

Composite shingles have been designed with state-of-the-art technology that allows for incredible durability and protection. Choose composite roofing to take advantage of:

  • Superior durability and impact-resistance compared to traditional asphalt
  • Effective UV protection
  • Decreased monthly energy bills
  • Exceptional resistance to mold, algae and fungal growth

For the higher initial cost, composite shingles will last much longer and save you money on energy bills and repairs. Contact us today to learn more about the composite roofing options at Langford Roofing in Longview and Gilmer, TX.